Work with your team

If you have looked around this site, you have a pretty good sense of WHAT I can do to help your team be more effective, creative, and communicative.

But HOW do I work?

I can come in and deliver an entertaining, thoughtful and inspiring talk.

No problem. Done lots of that.

But I prefer to do something more.

A combination of

  1. pre-recorded content (before I turn up)
  2. live interactive work, and
  3. recorded follow up, specifically addressing the work we did together, with homework

By spreading the work out, over time, we create a bit of suspense.

Not Alfred Hitchcock suspense (usually), but a looming awareness that something important is still to come.

Which creates a relationship over time…

…in turn requiring people to think about what matters, for longer.

Experience has shown me that the work we do together can never be as effective otherwise.

I’ve seen too often how little impact is created by somebody turning up and clearing off, never to be seen again.

If this sounds sensible to you, read on…


What next?

Just send me an email, telling me briefly:

    • a) what you do,
    • b) what your goals are, and
    • c) what your biggest challenge is.

Go ahead and send it now.

I can’t wait to hear from you.

JP Flintoff