Work With Individuals

If you want to do something dramatic to turn things around at work, I can help you.

Whatever it is you have in mind, you’ll need help from somebody who understands your immediate problems, your strategy, and your capabilities.

Somebody capable of building a close relationship, fast, but willing to challenge you.

And able to do so.

Somebody who understands the mechanics of communicating like a human being, not a robot, so that you can motivate and inspire others.

Over the years I’ve worked with many very senior people. You’re in safe hands.
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But how can you be sure?

By coming through to this page you’ve made a micro-commitment, and that alone can be enough to start the niggles, the worries.

You may be thinking: Is this guy Flintoff any good?

So I could list my credentials:

    – 15 years writing and editing on some of the best newspapers and magazines in English (interviewing and hanging out with some of the world’s most famous and powerful people),
    – the coaching qualifications,
    – the books, including one about strategy, How To Change The World, that was published in 16 languages,
    – blah blah blah…

But you probably looked up that stuff already.

I could give you some testimonials:

“You took the talk somewhere I had not expected. As a CEO, people don’t challenge me directly, but you pushed and challenged me in a way I’ve not had for years. I’ve learned a lot” – Grahame

“I thought, maybe we can make a bit of headway and you, like, ballooned it and it was, wow, what have we got? You have some kind of magic there” – Liz

But you don’t care what other people think: you want to decide for yourself.
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The only solution

I’m offering you 45 minutes of my time, entirely free, just to see how you like it.

No commitment.

In fact, I will pay YOU £200.00 afterwards if you think your time was wasted.

(A token payment, obviously, because your time is more valuable than that. If you prefer, I’ll pay it to your favourite charity. Nobody ever asked for their money back, but that’s OK…!)

Mind you, I can’t help everybody. So here’s what I ask you to do.
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Your move

Just send me an email, telling me briefly:

    a) what you do currently,
    b) what your goals are, and
    c) what your biggest challenge is.

Go ahead and do it now.

I’ll see you on the other side!

JP Flintoff

PS. I really mean it. I’d love to hear from you. Most people don’t dare to get in contact. It takes real guts.

Here’s a word cloud I created, combining all the answers submitted by clients to an online form, in response to my question, “What gets in your way?”

Anything here look familiar?

Here’s the link again: Send Email Now