How to love and lead change

If you’re a lawyer, you may already have heard about the public talks, called “Life With Law”, organised by Lawyers on Demand.

They’re intended to empower and inspire LoD clients, colleagues, and anybody else who might be interested (they’re open to the public).

The theme of one recent event was “How To Love And Lead Change”.

And one of the talks that evening was by me. We called it “How To Change The World”, because that’s the title of my best-selling book.

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That talk was about how we can change everything if we become better at communicating.

How we listen to the people we work with, and how we talk with them.

The stories we tell.

I gave some examples, drawn from the book…

…and others, about lawyers, that I picked up since working as a young journalist on Legal Business and The Lawyer, and subsequently as a feature writer and associate editor on The Financial Times.

Perhaps I’ll tell you, some time.

But for now, I want to draw your attention to the many things that get in the way of world-changing communication.

If it was easy, we’d pull it off all the time.

But in the real world… we often let things fester, because it can be hard to talk about what’s really important.

You know that already, because there are things on your mind right now that make you uneasy.

You’d like to say something to somebody, but keep failing to get round to it.

You might be afraid of what will happen, if you give voice to your big strategic ideas.

Worried about coming across as mad, bad or wrong.

Overly conscious of the real dangers we face in a competitive workplace, where information is hoarded.

Agonised about how to deliver tough feedback.

Not good!

At Life With Law, I demonstrated that you can’t just ignore things that are important.

Of course, the problem of how to communicate effectively at work can’t be fully covered in a short talk.

But I’m grateful to Lawyers on Demand for asking me to do it.

The feedback was terrific.

Unfortunately, the talk wasn’t recorded. If it was I’d have shared it here.

But you can get a sense of how I work by watching a short film about a similar, public event where I spoke on the same topic.

It’s here:

I hope you enjoyed it. And I’m curious…

If you’re still reading this page, I guess that you have some questions about communication…

So please: tell me one thing that people could do better, wherever you happen to work.

Just scroll down and pop a comment in the box below.

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