An MBA in one day

The Guardian Newspaper has been running a “one-day MBA” in London for two years now…

…attracting hundreds of people to learn together, and to network, at a venue in central London.

But yes, I know it’s ridiculous to suggest you can do an MBA in one day.

You can’t.

But you CAN learn a lot if the speakers are as good as the ones the Guardian gets involved.

I’m excluding myself from that description, but it’s a matter of simple fact that I served as speaker and MC on both occasions:

Unfortunately, the talks the speakers gave are not available online – but to give you a sense of who they are, and what they talk about, here are some related videos I’ve found.

Professor George Yip, of Imperial College, does a great talk about strategy:

And Dr Connson Locke, of the London School of Economics, is great on body language:

Dr Hiram Samel, of Oxford’s Said Business School, talked with personal experience, and academic authority, about being an entrepreneur:

And professor Mark Kennedy (Imperial, again) addresses disruption, and how to make the best of it:

Will the Guardian ask me to be part of this event again next year? I’ve no idea.

But I think you should go along anyway.

JP Flintoff

PS. If you want me to speak at your event, drop me a line. I’m very busy, but I like doing it when I can. Let's take this to email.