How to engage your members?

A telecoms company was looking for ways to engage better with its customers…

I suggested that we might do something to improve communication by talking about the value of a shared cup of tea (ancient, wireless technology for promoting conversation):

The Phone Co-op’s marketing director, Jacci Marcus, was keen to help me build on work I’ve done elsewhere, as part of the 1 Million Conversations campaign.

I showed her the “conversation mugs” I had previously designed for The Department Store For The Mind, and Jacci asked me to design a special version for Phone Co-op members.

To make it truly participative, I would involve other members in the design process – creating a valuable story for the marketing team.

We decided to organise workshops, across the country – but also to gather input from members who would never be able to attend in person.

We wanted to get every member thinking about the power of conversations…

And to start having conversations they might otherwise have avoided – or never even thought of.


I’m happy to say that the campaign has already created a great story for the Phone Co-op to use in its marketing.

To increase the value, we spread out the campaign over several months, leading up to the Annual General Meeting, where the special Phone Co-op mugs will be shown to members and shared widely.

How did we do it?

We “sold” the workshops as the launch of an exciting opportunity for individual members – in a series of posts delivered over time by email to the entire membership.

And that’s how it turned out. We learned so much, from members who gave up a lot of time to contribute ideas:

If you’re curious to see how we structured the campaign, I’ve saved screenshots of the posts into a single PDF, which you can download in a moment.

When you do, you’ll see (on the first page) the huge number of comments we received.

(There were many more from people who don’t use Facebook, and sent direct emails instead.)

But all those comments make that first page long and narrow, and hard to read.

So to keep the following pages readable, I cropped out the comments.


Now I’m working with other companies keen to be better at communication.

The mugs provide a fantastic opportunity to present a relatively cheap gift to customers, and new staff – with the message that you are committed to better communication.

You can download the PDF now: How The Phone Co-op Drove Membership Engagement

If you would like to be part of this, send me an email.


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