How to communicate better at work

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How to overcome the competitive nature of the workplace…

Show yourself as you really are, despite the fear.

Listen better instead of planning your answer.

Notice the effect of your thoughts about colleagues, clients and rivals, and how that shows up in your body language.

Become better at asking questions that lead people where they want to go.

Recognise the power of a “yes” (but also of a “no”).

Accept conflict as a midwife of real change, instead of something to be avoided at all costs.

Apologise when you need to, and do it properly.

Understand your purpose, so that your elevator pitch comes from a good place.

Tell stories to get people’s interest, and do it so that they’re gagging to hear the next bit, instead of running away from you.

Give feedback that’s both honest and constructive (a fine balance).

Recognise that YOU can change, and so can other people.

Avoid fakery at all costs.

Learn to see the pleasure in networking…

All that and more.

Work with me.

See you on the other side!

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