Be yourself in any language

video: 50 secs

It’s hard enough, at times, to be truly yourself – even in your own language.

Working under pressure, you might go blank.

Worry that you don’t know the right words. Stay silent, rather than speak up. Adopt a cautious, low-status manner that feels deeply uncomfortable. And just generally sell yourself short.

The problem is much greater for people working in a second language.

That might be you, or the people you work with. They may be your employees, or your customers.

Be Yourself In Any Language is a workshop designed to help you speak happily and freely in any language (including your own), and to find ways to express what needs to be expressed even when you don’t have the right words.

The workshop does not require prior knowledge of any particular language.

What people say:

“This challenged my belief that listeners are judging me – they may well be wanting and trying to help” – Rahul, IT

“Gave me more confidence. A wonderful way to connect with others” – Anna, PR

“I was baffled and amazed by what you highlighted. I didn’t realise how excruciatingly ‘low confidence’ I was when I talk about my work” – Lorna, media

“It’s not only about fluency and accuracy but about understanding the feelings of a person you’re communicating with” – Will, sales

Languages we have worked with include: American English * American Sign Language * British English * British Sign Language * Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese) * Czech * Dutch * Farsi * French * German * Greek * Hindi * Hungarian * Italian * Japanese * Korean * Korean Sign Language * Polish * Portuguese * Russian * Spanish * Turkish * Urdu

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